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Payback Time for Job Interview Skills and CV Writing - Edinburgh and Glasgow

We've been in the Job Interview Skills and CV Writing arena for many years, helping many customers with CVs, job interview skills and job interview techniques, and interview answers to some tough interview questions.

We know that a good relationship with our customers is an integral part of a successful long-term 'partnership' ethos.

It is a 2-way relationship and we thank you for that. We need to pay back to our loyal customers whenever we can. So, here are a few things that may be of interest to you now or in the future.

We will continue to help you with any interview questions or interview answers and any interview skills or interview techniques queries for the coming year. Just give us a call. We'll see what we can do for you. No charge for this advice.

If you have attended one of our Job Interview Skills sessions, we'll pay back to you 10% of the price you paid every time you introduce a family member, friend or colleague and they attend one of our Job Interview Skills sessions.

If you have attended one of our Job Interview Skills sessions, and you then want us to write your CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume, we'll reduce the standard cost to write a CV for you by 10%.

If, down the line, you wish to attend a refresher Job Interview Skills session on a 1-1 basis, we'll reduce the initial price you paid by 10%. Even if our prices were to rise, we'll stick to a percentage of your initial price paid.

More Paybacks

For all of you who have attended a Job Interview Skills session, here are a few other paybacks which may interest you now or in the future.

These services have been selected as we know them well and they deliver high quality. We extend relevant offers also to your family members, friends and colleagues but you will need to contact us first.

1. Starting your own Training Business. Interview Crest is a part of Training Issues, top drawer learning and development specialists who also help others to start their own training businesses. They provide all the materials, guidance and advice you will require if you decide to start any kind of training or coaching business. An introduction to them via us will ensure a 10% reduction in your start-up costs.

2. Training Issues. Training Issues is developing a massive online learning and development resource for individuals, managers and trainers. It will cover all kinds of business skills, e.g. management, assertiveness, customer care etc.  It will be continually updated throughout the years, so that you will have up-to-the-minute learning and development materials online for yourself or any team you manage or train. Membership will be limited to what will be called the Training Issues Club. Bear this in mind and keep in touch with us to check progress. Your membership will be reduced by 10%.

3. Gifts to Friends and Clients. Now for something completely different. For over 10 years, Training Issues have given Christmas/Birthday gifts to their business customers as a 'thank you' for taking up their services - and to friends and families as personal gifts. Instead of the usual British gift of whisky or chocolates, they send them fine Scottish Smoked Salmon, which they know stands out from the rest of the gifts they may receive.
The company is called Lochengower - you can view it at
They are the best in the business and deliver within the UK and to several overseas destinations. You, or your family members, friends or colleagues, can make use of this for personal or business use. The standard price will be reduced by 10% for the first year of purchase.

4. Translations. If you need any translations done into any language, whether personal or business, we have just the company for you.

You can view it at

The standard price will be reduced by 10%.

We will increase this list from time to time so long as we can guarantee high quality.

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Did You Know:

Interviewers decide to accept or reject a candidate within the first 3 to 4 minutes of an interview and spend the rest of the interview seeking evidence to support their first impression.