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Testimonials for Job Interview Skills and CV Writing - Edinburgh and Glasgow
Testimonials for Redundancy - Job Interview Skills and CV Writing - Edinburgh and Glasgow

We are delighted to receive so many powerful testimonials from our Job Interview Skills and CV Writing customers!

And we are delighted that the job interview skills, interview techniques, interview tips and CV strategies we majored on have led to success!

But this is a joint success. If you had not worked so hard with us in partnership, then success might not have come so soon. So, thank you.

We have printed a small selection below.

A Selection

Here is a selection from those who have benefited from our Job Interview Skills sessions and our CV Writing Service:

'If only someone had pointed out to me in the past about pinning down my values, personality traits and transferable skills, then I wouldn't have missed out on previous opportunities. Another thing - your likely interview questions I'd be asked were spot-on and your interview answers also hit the mark as I got the job.

Now I really know how to handle the interview and get the job I want. Excellent session run by an excellent coach and great value at a sensible price.'

DR, Senior Manager, Industry Arena - soon after secured the post he wanted -  1- Coaching in Job Interview Skills

'How can you charge less than others for a CV but provide the best service? That's what I really want to know!

By the way, 2 interviews coming up.'

WRW, Analyst, Stock Market Arena - CV Writing Service

'This is the best interview skills training I have ever been on where the tutor did know everything there is to know about the subject - and really listened to what I was saying.

I have already recommended this to several of my friends.'

SC, Graduate Trainee, Banking (since promoted after internal interviews) -  1-1 Coaching in Job Interview Skills

'Your CV Service is top notch and very well priced for these tough financial times.

I got the interview I wanted - and the job!!!

Will be back in future when it's time to update.'

RA, Sales, Financial Services - CV Writing Service

' It's true what my parents have always been saying - 'you only get what you pay for'. I thought I could do this on my own by reading a book on interview techniques. I now realise I was wrong and am now ready to go confidently into the interview battle.

I learned so much from my coach. Thanks a million, Interview Crest
JT, unemployed at the time, but subsequently employed soon after in first job - Administrator, Utilities Company - 1-1 Coaching in Job Interview Skills

'The CV is worth every penny - got offered 2 jobs. Have passed on your details to friends and family.

Looking forward to my 10% payback! Cheers!!'

AS, Non-management, Medical Arena - CV Writing Service

'Even although the 1-2-1 Coaching session was extended for another 30 minutes (at no charge, thank you) I wished we could have carried on for the rest of the day.

Great stuff! I'll soon be spreading my CV around (great stuff that too).'

JT, Manager, Retail - 1-1 Coaching in Job Interview Skills, and CV Writing Service

'Well, I got the job. I'm no longer redundant. My investment in my future was all worth it.

Totally indebted to the team at Interview Crest (also for the follow-up advice). Well done, guys. Keep up the excellent work you're doing.'

MJS, Senior Manager, Education Arena - 1-1 Coaching in Job Interview Skills

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Did You Know:

Interviewers decide to accept or reject a candidate within the first 3 to 4 minutes of an interview and spend the rest of the interview seeking evidence to support their first impression.